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Job Title: Home Care Scheduler

Job Summary: The Home Care Scheduler is responsible to coordinate and maintain scheduling for Handz-On, Inc.’s Home Care clients and staff. 

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Job Title: Intake Assessment Coordinator

Job Summary: The Intake Assessment Coordinator is responsible for performing the new patient intake procedures for Handz-On, Inc. homecare services.  Provide ongoing evaluation of clients referred for services to determine satisfaction of services being provided. Responsible for obtaining initial and ongoing insurance/managed care benefits for insurance providers.  Answers inquiries about home care and works to convert prospects into clients. Ensures new client generation by responding to questions quickly and thoroughly to maximize customer satisfaction. 

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Job Title: Home Health Aide/Certified Nurse Aide

Job Summary: The Aide enables clients to stay in their homes by monitoring and recording client condition; providing support and personal services; teaching families.  Duties include but are not limited to.

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Job Title: Skilled Nurse

Job Summary: Skilled Nurse shall bear full and ultimate responsibility for the quality of nursing care she/he provides to individuals and groups.  Included in such responsibility are health maintenance, teaching, counseling, collaborative planning and restoration of optimal functioning and comfort.  Duties above include but are not limited to. 

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Job Title: Registered Nurse

Job Summary: As an Independent Consultant the RN’s responsibility is providing nursing care, health maintenance, teaching, counseling, planning and restoration for optimal functioning and comfort, of those they serve.  RN will also be responsible for Agency staff training.  Training will consist of 3-hour orientation along with Homemaker Training. The training shall include the nature and transmission along with standard precautions of infectious disease.  Duties include but are not limited to.

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Job Title: Recovery Assistant - (Hartford, CT)

Job Summary: A flexible range of supportive assistance provided face-to-face in accordance with a Waiver Recovery Plan that enables a participant to maintain a home/apartment, encourages the use of existing natural supports, and fosters involvement in social and community activities. Service activities include: performing household tasks, providing instructive assistance, or cuing to prompt the participant to carry out tasks (e.g., meal preparation; routine household chores, cleaning, laundry, shopping, and bill-paying; and participation in social and recreational activities), and; providing supportive companionship. The Recovery Assistant may also provide instruction or cuing to prompt the participant to dress appropriately and perform basic hygiene functions; supportive assistance and supervision of the participant, and; short-term relief in the home for a participant who is unable to care for himself/herself when the primary caregiver is absent or in need of relief

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Job Title: Community Support Specialist - (Hartford, CT)

Job Summary: The primary role of this position is to provide Community Support Services to adults living with severe mental health, substance abuse, and homelessness. A comprehensive array of recovery and rehabilitative services are offered, most of which are provided in non-office settings. These interventions are strength-based and focus primarily on promoting recovery, symptom reduction, increased coping skills, and achievement of the highest level of functioning that result in community integration and support the recovery process for each individual. The Community Support Specialist has the ability to deliver services in various environments, such as residential, workplace, shelters, and community settings. These services and interventions are highly individualized and tailored to the needs and preferences of the individual.                                                                                                                             

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 Job Title: Companion/Homemaker - (Springfield, MA)

Job Summary: Non-medical care: Supervision and socialization that are provided in accordance with a therapeutic goal included in the service plan and not purely divisional in nature.  The companion may assist in or supervise such tasks as meal preparation or laundry, but does not perform these activities as discrete services.  The companion may also perform light housekeeping tasks that are incidental to the care and supervision of the individual.  The provision of companion services does not entail hands-on nursing care, but may include cuing and/or incidental hands-on assistance with activities of daily living that is of a non-medical nature, provided this is acceptable to both the consumer and the provider.

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Job Title: Individual Support and Community Habilitation Staff - (Springfield, MA)

Job Summary: ISCH staff is a teaching service.  Specific activities may include assessment and training in: self-care; medication management; task completion; communication and interpersonal skills; socialization; sensory/motor skills; mobility and community transportation skills; problem solving skills; money management; and the ability to maintain a household.  Assistance and supervision are not provided under this component.

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Job Title: Peer Support - (Springfield, MA)

Job Summary: Peer Support includes face to face interactions that are designed to promote ongoing engagement of persons covered under the waiver in addressing residual problems resulting from psychiatric and substance use disorders, and promoting the individuals strengths and abilities to continue improving development of natural supports, and maintenance of community living skills.

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Job Title: Warmline Specialist - (Springfield, MA)

Job Summary: The Warm Line Specialist should have at least two years’ experience providing information and assistance by telephone and to the public. The operator should have experience developing and using resource materials; including updating the materiel in the informational binders and proficient with computerized databases (i.e. Access), including running reports. The operator must be flexible, adaptable, open to learning, and able to work effectively with members of different ethnic communities. It is also essential to be a good listener, able to be empathetic and gain people’s trust, and to remain calm and not become rattled when dealing with others who may be under stress. The operator should be well organized and have the excellent attention to detail.

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Job Title: Pre-Vocational Instructor - (Springfield, MA)

Job Summary: The Pre-Vocational Instructor facilitates employment readiness classes and other employment preparation activities; Provides academic and vocational assessment.

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